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Meet The Team.

We enjoy a peaceful farm where all of the animals get along with each other. We try to choose breeds and genders of animals that generally coexist without incident. Windmill Farm is the safe haven of dogs, cats, small birds, ducks and chickens, geese, pigs, goats, emus, donkeys, cows, horses, bunnies, and wildlife.


We don't always showcase all of our animals, as some aren't quite as social as others, and our primary concern is for the safety of both the animals and the humans. Pictured below are a few of our veterans that you'll most likely see at most of our encounters.

Due to the various breeding seasons, we may have offspring of the following animals at certain times throughout the year as well. 



Kune Kune Pig



Scottish Highland Cow




Peaches is a kune kune pig-which means 'fat and round' in the maori language. They are known for their extremely docile and friendly personality, unmatched by any other breed of swine.

Dolores is a Scottish Highland cow, a hearty breed, raised for meat and designed to withstand the conditions of the Scottish Highlands. They have a reputation for their fantastic temperament. She is currently expecting a calf that will participate in future events.

Lionhead rabbits are generally smart, good-natured, and energetic. They love to play and socialize. And many form close bonds with their humans and enjoy cuddling and petting.



Various Breeds



Miniature Donkey


April and Harley

Quarter Horse and Pony

We enjoy many different breeds of poultry here at the farm, though are favorite breeds are unique birds, like Frizzles, Silkies, Polish, Naked Necks, and various bantams.

Donkeys are not like horses; they differ physically, mentally and emotionally. Donkeys are more stoic in their behavior and tend to startle less than horses. Comparatively, donkeys show limited fear response to novel situations, which can often be mistaken for stubbornness rather than fear.

April is a Quarter Horse/Missouri Foxtrotter cross. She has been with us her entire life and has been our daughters 4-H project and best friend. Harley is a new addition, so she's becoming acclimated to the hustle and bustle of the farm. She is currently not participating in the animal encounters.


Water Fowl

Various Breeds



Red Angora Goat



Head of Ranch Security

We have a growing collection of water fowl. Some of our favorite breeds are Crested Black Swedish (pictured above) and American Buff Geese. Did you know that ducks can produce more eggs than chickens? They are healthier, too!

Angoras are a Turkish breed of domesticated goat, raised for its lustrous fiber known as mohair. They are relaxed, docile and friendly, relatively small, and quieter in nature than most other goat breeds.

Saint Bernards gain their name from the dangerous St. Bernard pass in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland. The breed was famous for rescuing people lost in the snow and in avalanches. A classic example of a gentle giant, the Saint Bernard is calm, patient and sweet with adults, and especially children.



Nigerian Dwarf



Mini Silky Fainting Goat




Nigerian Dwarfs are gregarious, friendly, hardy and can thrive in almost any climate. Their gentle, calm and playful nature makes them good companion pets for children, the disabled and elderly.

The trademark of the silky goat is their long, lustrous coats, outrageous bangs (especially the bucks), full cheek muffs, and beards. Ideal coats are soft and silky to the touch, and although they do require regular grooming, the end result is worth the effort.

The Jersey cattle are relatively a small breed of dairy cattle which are raised primarily for milk production. Brahmans are intelligent, inquisitive and shy. Brahmans like affection and can become very docile. Charlotte is grown now and expecting a calf that will be part of future events.

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