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  • How much room do you require for your setup?
    We can usually accommodate the space we are given. We will visit the event space ahead of time and make arrangements with you on how/where we will set up, where to park the trailers, etc. You should know exactly what to expect on the day of the event.
  • What if the weather jeopardizes the event?
    We understand that the weather is beyond our control and will do whatever we can to accommodate you in rescheduling the event or refunding your money. We won't leave you hanging out to dry!
  • What if I don't see an option that fits our needs?
    No problem! Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll work with you to accommodate your needs however we can.
  • Do you offer rides on any of the larger animals?
    Not at this time. However, we are growing quickly and aspire to provide more services to our clientele. We are working diligently to incorporate pony/horse rides as well as other fun features, like bounce houses and cotton candy/popcorn machines! Keep checking back for new additions!
  • Will you bring any baby animals?
    We cannot guarantee babies at an event, as the breeding seasons vary for all our animals. If we have a baby that is too weak or new to travel, we will keep them at the farm. Please contact us closer to your event to see what we have available. The health and safety of our animals is paramount.
  • Can we take photographs with the animals and post them on social media?
    Of course! We encourage photos. We ask that you hashtag #windmillfarmgunter in your posts so we can enjoy your photos, too! If you're seeking professional photography for your event, we know a guy! Our beloved official photographer is Poor Farm Photography. We encourage you to reach out to him at as you book your event!
  • What are the chances me or my child will be injured by one of the animals?
    Safety is our number one concern. The animals we use for the encounters are docile, friendly, and have had no displays of aggression. However, because they are animals, we cannot guarantee that under severe duress or abuse by a guest, that they would not revert to their natural defenses. We encourage wearing close toed shoes to enter the pens of larger, hooved animals, as well as adult supervision of small children. We may ask you/your child to leave the pens if we feel an animal is stressed or being abused by the visitors. If any animal were to show any sign of aggression, they would be removed at once. However, we have not had an issue with this to date.
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